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American Idol, the top 10

Ramiele Malubay – The beginning was nice, but the bigger sections felt like she was shouting. Ramiele can sing. I wish she could find a song that would really showcase her.

Jason Castro – I love Sting. He’s one of my favorite performers ever. And Fragile is one of my favorite songs by him ever. This was perfect for Jason’s voice, and I loved the Spanish bits. He is so so safe this week.

Syesha Mercado – Her singing was solid enough, and she has never sounded that good, but the song just bored me. It felt a little too over the top for me.

Chikezie – Another one that felt like he was forcing the emotion with the fists and the falsetto. Ballads with Chikezie bore me to tears, apparently.

Brooke White – A false start? Have we ever seen that before? Interesting. And what a weird song choice for her. Brooke singing a stalker song is just wrong. This totally didn’t work for me.

Michael Johns – A medley? Can they do that? We Will Rock You was a bad idea because it’s not a singing song. Especially since it strained his voice before he got to We Are the Champions and he was breaking on some of the high notes. But the audience loves him. He’s safe, even if I don’t think this was his best.

Carly Smithson – Loved the slow parts, but as soon as it got louder and more powerful, it felt like she was shouting. I think she’s starting to try too hard.

David Archuleta – Solid performance, though again, not all that thrilling. Where are my goosebumps? They haven’t happened yet.

Kristy Lee Cook – She picked the perfect song for her this week. This might actually be the first week she’s not in the bottom two. She’s actually my favorite so far of the night.

David Cook – They said Billie Jean and I cringed. Then he started singing and…my jaw dropped. This was absolutely, hands down the single best performance and arrangement of the night. How the hell did he make me love a Michael Jackson song? And that long note he held at the end? Oh. My. God.

FAVORITE THREE - David Cook, Kristy Lee Cook, Jason Castro
BOTTOM THREE - Chikezie, Ramiele Malubay, Brooke White

Who do I think will go? I think honestly it's going to be either Chikezie or Ramiele. They both went early with weaker performances. People will forget them.
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