Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

- Ohmigod, Carly's in the bottom three?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Something is seriously wrong here. She's amazing. It was a beautiful performance.

- Now the fact that Kristy is there isn't surprising. Nobody ever remembers her, even when she does well.

- And why was Ramiele even worried? With 2 people already in seats and Chikezie, Amanda, and Syesha to still come out, she should know she's safe.

- Simon's comment about not having an ego made me crack up, lol.

- I was never a great fan of Kellie Pickler's voice, but she cracks me up in all the interviews and stuff. But her voice just sounds so nasally to me. Pinched.

- And not really surprised that Amanda is in the bottom three, too. She's not one of the strongest contenders anyway.


Yeah, not so surprised. Amanda wasn't a heavy contender, and doesn't really have the versatility the winner probably needs. But maybe she'll get a chance to front a band now. That's what she should be doing anyway.
Tags: american idol

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