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The last question from the meme...

This is probably the last comment I'll end up responding to, if only because I've got all these other posts pushing that post down, lol.

teragramm asked, Childbirth, was it hard for you?

I have a confession to make.

I have absolutely no idea what a labor pain really feels like.

When I was pregnant with Alicia, my blood sugar got wacky. I bordered on developing gestational diabetes for the entire time. I moderated what I ate, and I had to test my levels every single day. I had superb medical treatment. After they discovered how quickly my sugars could skyrocket in my third month, I had monthly appointments that switched to bi-weekly in my seventh month, and then every week for the last. I was warned early on that they might induce me early if they thought it was getting too precarious, which is exactly what happened. Except it didn't work. I sat through that whole first day waiting and absolutely nothing changed. They gave me another dosage in the evening, then told Craig to go home because it was likely nothing would happen for hours. They'd call if they needed him.

Less than an hour after he left, they came in to check on me and the baby, and discovered Alicia was in distress. I had yet to experience a labor pain. So emergency caesarean for me and Alicia was born three hours after they'd dismissed Craig from the hospital.

But...the c-section wasn't that pleasant for me. I had a panic attack almost immediately after getting my spinal. I was shaking uncontrollably on the operating table, so much so that it was making the curtain over my tummy shake. The blood pressure cuff wasn't working right and kept freaking me out because it was one of those automatic things except it wouldn't turn itself off. So it kept pumping and pumping and pumping and my arm went numb. Which didn't help my nerves. It was so bad that when they got Alicia out - so, so fast, less than 20 minutes from the time I laid down - that the doctor snapped at the anaesthetist, "Will you just knock her out?"

I don't remember anything after that until they wheeled me into intensive care, lol.

Because of what happened with Alicia, I was given the option of having a c-section with Alex right from the start. I said, "Hell yeah!" and we scheduled it for 38 weeks in my third month. I had the same issues that time as I did the second, but I was much better prepared for the op itself, which went much smoother for me. Not so much for Alex unfortunately, as the two tiny doctors operating on me couldn't get him out. Seriously, they both had to stand on stools next to the table and they worked for over 45 minutes to get him out. First the incision was too small, and then he fought them too hard. Alex was turning blue and they had to shove him back in and call in another doctor. According to Craig, because I couldn't see anything past the curtain, the other doctor came in - a huge bear of a man bigger than Craig - pressed his hands on my stomach and just pushed. Out popped Alex. We were in intensive care for a full 48 hours before they would release us - him because when he came out, they only scored him a 4, and me because I was so anemic from losing so much blood.

I always thought that it was funny I had such a panic attack over Alicia's birth, which was the easiest thing possible apparently, and not Alex's, which had both of us in danger. The doctors told Craig not to let me get pregnant again after Alex because it would be absolutely too dangerous for us. Their prediction was that it would be 10 times worse than Alex's. It freaked Craig out.

I didn't hear any of that. Sometimes I wonder if he just tells me that because he doesn't want crazy pregnant lady to show up in his bed again. ;)
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