Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, the top 8 guys

Luke Menard – Ohmigod, why would anybody sing this song and expect to be taken seriously? It is not a singer’s song. Especially when you’re not the strongest singer in the competition. Oh, Luke…the force was not with you tonight.

David Archuleta – You know, knowing David plays the piano, too, just makes me love him even more. I loved this performance, especially because I don’t really care for Phil Collins and he made me like this song. This kid has *got* to win this year.

Danny Noriega – You know, I know this is bad, but the more I see Danny, the more I imagine he’s going to have an amazing career as a drag queen in five years time. Simon’s reaction when Randy said he came out a little shy was hysterical. “What?!?” The kid is so *seventeen*, lol.

David Hernandez – Not as good as last week. Craig couldn’t even stay in the room for it, but then he loves Celine Dion and hates to listen to anybody cover her songs, lol.

Michael Johns – I really do like Michael, but this arrangement/performance does not rate high for me at all. Maybe it’s because it’s such an iconic song for me, but the entire thing felt very…thin.

David Cook – So so odd to hear him shout the “I love you” instead of the really soft delivery of Ritchie. Very interesting arrangement, which I can see why it would work for some people. Not me, though.

Jason Castro – Yes, he ran out of breath on that last note, but I loved it. I love his vulnerability, I love him, and he’s my favorite of the night so far.

Chikezie – You know, I don’t really care for Chikezie, but I thought this was an excellent song choice for him tonight. I wouldn’t even mind seeing him in the top 12 at this point.

FAVORITE TWO - Jason Castro and David Archuleta
LEAST FAVORITES - Luke Menard and Danny Noriega

Who do I think is going home? Luke and Chikezie. I think Danny will stay because he has the camp vote, and I know that that one website that tries to keep the worst around has been advocating for him. Which is a shame.

My picks for the top 6:
David Archuleta
Jason Castro
Michael Johns
David Hernandez
David Cook
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