Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, the guys

David Hernandez – Solid enough performance, but I just don’t get a buzz watching him.

Chikezie – He seemed really nervous in the beginning, and the whole thing just felt like he was trying to hard. I’m not sure I liked the arrangement, either.

David Cook – I like him, and I really liked certain parts of the song, but there were definite sections that didn’t work for me.

Jason Yeager – I really like the tone of his voice, but what’s with all the smiling? It made it feel like a nightclub act to me.

Robbie Carrico – I love this song, but it felt like the same thing over and over from him. I *want* to love him, I can tell. Just not yet.

David Archuleta – Such an adorable kid! I love him! He’s got that twinkle in his eye, and I think he’s going to do well this year. Plus, he’s got a voice. There is zero reason for this boy not to make the top 12.

Danny Noriega – I love this kid’s voice, but sometimes he’s just so damn *big* in his performances that it feels like camp. I didn’t think this was a good song for him. I wonder if he’s going to be the Sanjaya this year?

Luke Menard – Ohmigod, pretty. He provides a different vibe than the others, but it wasn’t that interesting.

Colton Berry – Why does it feel like there are so many young boys this year? He’s not nearly as talented as the other two, though I suppose he’s better than some of the others.

Garrett Haley – Another young kid? I hate the hair, but I thought the performance was quite delicate and pretty. Not thrilling, not daring. But nice.

Jason Castro – I love this guy’s look, his shy eyes. He kind of lost it at the end, but it was nice. I like this guy a lot.

Michael Johns – A star. I love this guy. He’s hot and he can sing and there is no way he doesn’t go far in this competition.

FAVORITE TWO - Michael Johns and David Archuleta
LEAST FAVORITES - Luke Menard (in spite of the pretty) and Chikezie

Who do I think is going home? Garrett and Luke

If I had to pick my top 6 tonight, in this order:
Michael Johns
David Archuleta
Jason Castro
Robbie Carrico
Danny Noriega
David Cook
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