Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I was trying to be so much better about posting, and then last week ran away from me. Bleh. This week should be a little better. Yesterday was Alicia's birthday/party, so I've got that out of the way. Hopefully, I have a little time to get other stuff done.

There are other excuses. Saturday, Craig bought Rock Band to go along with Guitar Hero 3. We are well and truly addicted. I honestly think we've spent more time together as a family since we got these games than we have in a long time (outside of Christmas when we were all cooped up in the same house together for a month; we're actually interacting now, lol). Turns out, Alex is best on the drums, Craig plays lead, I play bass, and Alicia sings. Bonus? Alicia is learning to love some of the songs I did when I was younger (and still do, though it's been a few years since some of them were hits).

But today is a crazy day, with musical practice, piano lessons, guitar lessons...I've got to call the trash people because the drivers broke one of our bins on pick-up on Friday, and then there's shopping, and the post office, and laundry, and a Salvation Army run, and getting all my tax info together, and...crazy day. :)
Tags: alicia, guitar hero, life, rock band

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