Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sometimes, I truly loathe being female. I hate being pretty much leveled for nearly 2 days every month. Thank God for Midol for mild relief.

Trying to clean up 5 y/o code in preparation for getting a new layout/design at LLG is probably the last thing I should be doing when I'm short-tempered. And why the hell didn't anybody stop me from writing such long stories?!? *headdesks*

I want auditions to be over. The faces are all starting to blur so that I have no idea who I'll be rooting for once we hit Hollywood. Last night, I liked both Brittany and Corliss. They brought a breath of fresh air. The single mom they let through - I can't remember her name, but she went to a performing school and then got pregnant at 18 - was beautiful and I really liked her voice. I hope she does well. And you know, I don't really remember anybody else from last night, which I think is pretty indicative of the state of things so far. Or the fact that I was leveled with cramps. That could be it, too.
Tags: american idol, life, llg

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