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I'm a bit out of sorts this morning, because of bad dreams and then waking up to other stuff. Craig's home tonight, though, so I anticipate things improving. We're thinking of actually going out on the 15th for a Valentine's Day date, but we have to check about babysitting first. Fingers crossed it works out.

Pepper and I finished a new book last night, a contemporary gay romance set in Montana. It takes a minor character from our latest release, Fortune's Honor and gives him his own story. I get to spend the next couple days cleaning it up before we submit it to Liquid Silver; hopefully, they like it and want it, because we have another story planned for another minor character from this world, lol. Now we get to do editing for a few days. We got edits back on A Hidden Beauty, our historical with gay poets, and a galley for Liaisons in Jubilee because that comes out in print as an anthology with several other stories in May. Believe it or not, that one might end up in bookstores. Samhain is getting more and more of their print titles in them. Yet another reason why Pepper and I love them so much.

You know, I watched it last night, but honestly, I have to say I don't remember that much about it this morning. I think I had my brain fried beforehand, because...

...I broke and watched Torchwood. I haven't watched S1 yet. Craig told me to wait until he got home and we'd have a marathon and watch it together. I even told sadbhyl that I wasn't going to watch it. Then Pepper offered me a download, and I figured I should have it just in case, and it downloaded so fast, and...I am weak. Now, I know nothing about any of these characters except Jack will have sex with anything with legs. But I don't think I was very lost overall.

What did I like? Marsters, of course. I think Pepper's sister said it best. "It's like evil Spike is back! And he's GAY!" I loved the wife argument, and damn, but now I know why everybody is so gaga over Jack. He's really very, very pretty, isn't he? I can't really comment on the plot, other than to say I didn't think it was dumb and I was entertained. I don't know any of the history or interactions or implications of stuff that clearly meant something to the team. I'm sure it will come when I watch S1.
Tags: american idol, torchwood, writing

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