Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Craig is off for the week for a work-inservice-thingy. No flying this time. He's got 5 days over at Half Moon Bay, which is great for both of us. If I get lonely or need something desperately, he's only an hour away.

Today marks our first full week back. Kids are at school, and Alicia and I resume piano/guitar lessons today. My lesson isn't going to be that thrilling, mainly because I haven't picked up Delilah in a month, but I want to talk to Scott about something else anyway. See, we picked up a small guitar for Alicia for Christmas since she wanted one so badly. I don't want her starting lessons yet, but I'd like his advice on what to do to get her started. Plus, Alex got drums. Don't ask. I lost that battle, suffice it to say. Not that I'm complaining, because hey, if they want to explore music, I'm not going to stop them.

Speaking of music, Alicia auditioned for their school musical last week and starts rehearsals today for that, too. She's singing and dancing in that. That goes from after school until 4, I'll pick her up, and then we head over to our lessons at 4:30. Needless to say, it's going to be a hectic day, but then Mondays always are.

In the end, we got around to our blitz yesterday. The playroom looks phenomenal. We have 4 bags to get rid of - 1 just of dress-up clothes that I'm going to offer to the neighbor for her little girl, 1 of toys to give away and then 2 trash. On top of that, we completely rearranged the room, go the futon in there from the spare room so that there's something to sit on while playing xbox or watching tv, and lugged up two barristers from the garage. The closet got cleaned out and reorganized as well. Man, we have a lot of puzzles and games. But still, the room looks great, we got stuff done we've been meaning to do for 4 months, and we're ready to tackle the next project next week. Not a bad start. :)
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