Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Up at 5:30 again. I think Pepper is getting tired of me falling asleep on her by 9:30/10pm. But we got 6k written yesterday on our new book, and I got 1k written on my new solo title, so it's not like the day was a wash, right?

We're going shopping this morning. With the exchange rate as awful as it is right now, there was no way I was going to pay so much for many of the sale items in the UK. I did get one short excursion to Lakeside when I was over there, but the one store where I was tempted had queues that lasted for 45 minutes (no kidding, that's how long Craig queued while I was looking around). Between the idea of paying $110 for a skirt I loved but would never wear and having to wait that long to pay them for it, I was out of there.

I don't expect to really find huge deals. Frankly, there is nothing like appreciating the value of something when you have to pay twice/more in a different country, lol. Alicia doesn't want to go, but we've already told her it's a family morning out. She pulled her little martyr act (she's been pulling it more and more the past couple months, I thought Craig was going to disown her in the UK, lol) but oh well.

I posted a a ton of news for us over on our Weekly Roundup at our pro blog. Did you know you get the chance to win a free book from us just by commenting? We're doing it every week. We're also posting something over there every single day, including excerpts, hot guys, and the like. You know you wanna look... ;)
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