Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Can you tell I'm trying to be better about posting? Maybe posting more often will bring back the passion, lol.

pepperlandgirl4 and I are 3 chapters in to our first historical romance. It started as an off-the-cuff idea a month ago, though really, that's how all our stories seem to start, lol. See, she has this utter fascination with Wordsworth and Coleridge, and I said we should just write a gay poet story and get it over with. Lo and we've got A Hidden Beauty. American Romantics in 1840, with a haunted church, and poetry sex, and body painting, and UST up the wazoo. I think poor Jefferson is going to combust already, lol.

On my own, I'm waiting on responses to two short stories I submitted to Ellora's Cave. Their monthly themes for 2008 are centered on jewels, so I've decided to try writing one for each month. Well, beginning with May/Pearl because I found out about it after the deadlines for the first 4 months had already passed. The short story Pepper and I wrote for the May offering was already rejected, which, actually, didn't bug us too much because we'll just modify it some to use as part of our Calendar Boys series we're doing for Amber Quill in 2008. But this waiting on my solo stuff is going to kill me. Not that I care too much if they get rejected. EC is notoriously hard to get into because of their high volume on submissions, and I can always use the stories elsewhere. But I suck at waiting.

And since nothing else is going on with my life right now, that's all I've got. But it's better than posting nothing, right? :)

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