Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So...I've been pretty leveled this week with my cold. Hence my quiet. I'm starting to feel better, thank goodness, just in time for some shameless pimping, lol.

My cover for A Sentry's Touch was nominated for November's Covey Award, which is just an online thing for cover art. If you like it, head on over and vote. You don't even have to vote for mine, lol. It's just a simple poll, so you don't have to leave any identifying information or anything. A Sentry's Touch is just over halfway down the list, and to see all the covers, they are broken into two groups that you can view using the sidebar links at the left of the page. Mine is #19.

And for a refresher on what my cover looks like:

For some reason, the Most Relevant Cover poll isn't working properly as I post this. But no matter. Just vote for what you want. :)
Tags: pimp

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