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New release

I am dragging today, but the day is only half over and I still have guitar and piano lessons to struggle through. On top of that, it's raining, which is totally not helping my productivity today.

However, I have a new release today! Woo hoo! This is one of my solo efforts, a new novel with Linden Bay romance.

They followed their destiny and discovered love.

Orphaned at a young age, Iris Bridge carries scars on the palms of her hands from the fire that killed her parents. Now a top-notch trauma nurse in the Alaskan wilderness, it’s her job to respond if disaster strikes. When a helicopter crash brings a strange man named Avi into her care, she knows what to do…until his wounds mysteriously heal and Iris discovers the reason he’s come to town. He wants to take her back to the land he calls home—Varana.

Avi’s quest to find Iris has led him across planes and taken half of his lifetime. Iris is a Sentry and as her Guardian, it’s Avi’s duty to protect her. It matters not that Iris, taken from his world, doesn’t understand who or what she is; the strikingly handsome shapeshifter is honor bound to protect her.

When strange creatures start attacking Iris and her friends, she has no choice but to trust in Avi and hope he’ll lead her to the truth. What she finds, however, is so much more. Iris discovers her own power and, in the arms of her fated lover, her destiny to possess A Sentry’s Touch.

You can buy this at Linden Bay.

As part of the promotion for this release, I will be doing an interview for an online radio station Tuesday, 7:30-8:00pm EST. You can listen to that here. I'll be reading an excerpt from the book as well as answering questions (God help me!).
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