Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So, while Craig was in the UK, he was a tad on the horny side and went and ordered new toys for us to use when he got home. I knew the contents of the box, but apparently there was supposed to be a free gift, as well.

The gift was supposed to be a cock ring. But there wasn't one in the box when I went through it, so when he got back from the UK and looked over what they'd actually sent, he contacted them to tell them the ring got left out.

They said they would send it separately. The box arrived today. I waited until he got home to open it.

They didn't send one cock ring.

They sent 31.


The invoice says that they sent 31, and they didn't charge, so no worries there. It's not a hard cock ring, either. The description on the invoice calls it a "gummy cock ring." So I asked Craig if the reason we got 31 was because they're edible.

But no, they're just rubbery.

They were in a sealed bag. Clearly, somebody decided to send us whatever they get in a shipment at the company instead of just a single ring.


I think that made my whole week, lol.
Tags: craig

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