Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So I'm home now, and it's just like every other time I leave for more than a day.

1. I have a stack of mail to go through - since Craig is incapable of opening anything while I'm gone.
2. I have a pile of school stuff to sort - since Craig decided rather than risk me not knowing something because he took care of it, he'd just leave it all for me to look through so that I'd be 100% in the know.
3. I have a fridge full of the food I left for them - since they didn't have a single meal at home the entire time I was gone.

But it's good to be home. Of course, I got the reminder today that I'm supposed to blog tomorrow at LSB, but I'm in between personal writing projects so I'm not feeling hugely pushed because of that. Pepper and I decided last night to use this week to write up the two shorts we need for our February and March calendar series at Amber Quill instead of working on book 6 of The Master Chronicles this week. Those have actual deadlines, and just because we're in love with Gideon and Jesse and that entire world doesn't mean we should be silly, lol. I haven't decided yet what I want to work on next anyway in my solo stuff, so that's all for the best.
Tags: life, writing

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