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Voices chapter

Chapter 39 of Voices is now up. So far, it looks like my schedule is sticking. I should have a Rook chapter up late on Sunday (well, late for me), and then the final two chapters of Voices will be up this week. Hopefully, this should be wrapped up by next weekend. Hopefully.

I've also got a bit more of the Wesley/Willow fic drabble bit I'm going to post later today. I really need to buckle down and clean up the earlier parts, and properly title the thing. God, I hate titling stories; it takes me forever to come up with something I like (now you know why I use other titles for my chapters). Plus, at some point, I need to settle on a title for the next one, or I'll never get around to posting it after Voices done.

OK, whinging about writing is officially over. Hope you like this one!

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