Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So I'm sitting here in the Philly airport, waiting for my flight to take me home after a grand weekend at Phauxcon 5.0, and I decide I'll kill some time by posting. And then I see I haven't posted since September 22?!? I am a bad, bad LJer, especially since I didn't give two hooies about all the drama this past summer. I can't even use that as an excuse. I think my only excuse is sheer boredom with my life.

pepperlandgirl4 and I had another release come out. Mosaic Moon, the third book in The Master Chronicles came out last weekend. Our next releases aren't until December now, though we each have a few solo releases before then.

What else...? I'm really hard pressed to think of anything. It was great seeing everybody this weekend, and getting to meet ladypeyton for the first time. Shannon and Jim Butcher are absolute delights. Pepper and I wrote a 14k short story we're going to try submitting to Ellora's Cave. If they don't take it, we'll probably expand it (there's definitely room to build the UST) and send it over to Amber Quill. Craig and I were just starting to watch all the premieres on tv last week before I had to leave. I think the only shows we're adding are Chuck and Kitchen Nightmares. Because I do adore Gordon Ramsay.

Maybe something interesting will have happened while I was away. I can post about that tomorrow. :P
Tags: cons, life, writing

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