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I'm a tad stressed. Most of it is my own doing. All this editing is giving me a headache, I have that deadline looming for the novella, I just remembered I'm supposed to have a 2k short due by the end of the month as well for something else, and oh yeah, I'm not helping matters any at all by succumbing to the lure of characters I adore more than Spike sometimes.

Then there's the kids, and school stuff, and home stuff, and the fact that Craig keeps messaging me right in the middle of dinner/homework hours because he can't sleep and he needs to talk to me which is great and I would do anything for him but has the oh so worst timing in the world. There's ironing that needs to be done, e-mails to return, projects to be finished. There's not getting to bed until past midnight, waking several times in the night because of stress dreams, then getting up at 6:45 exhausted to start the whole process over again.

There was a light yesterday when I stopped in Alicia's class to talk about what kind of snacks to bring today. We had an impromptu conference because she wanted to give me some extra books for Alicia. She recognizes that Alicia is sailing through the homework and isn't challenged by what they're doing (a week's worth of homework was done in 10 minutes on Monday night), and wanted to give me stuff that Alicia could do at her leisure so that she doesn't get bored. She made a point of telling Alicia that she'd get extra credit for everything, of course, and Alicia and I had a talk afterward to make sure she understands that if she's ever bored by anything at all school to make sure to tell me, Craig, or her teacher. But it's nice getting external validation that your child is the awesome. :)

I'm giving myself a small break in the morning and going out for coffee with one of the other moms after we drop the kids off. Chris has been wanting to hook up for weeks and weeks now, but I've always been too busy. I flat out told her last week that I didn't care how busy I was, we'd at least have an hour just to sit and talk this week. She saw how stressed I was when I went to go pick up Alicia and tried to give me an out, saying she didn't want to make it harder for me in the long run by taking an hour of my time. I told her keeping my sanity was worth an hour, lol.
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