Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Lots of writing stuff today...

More writing news...

1. I got another galley to go over this morning. Just when I get one shuttled off, another fills its place, lol.

2. pepperlandgirl4 and I finished a novella yesterday and submitted it to Amber Quill. It's called At the Advent of Dusk, and it's a prequel in The Master Chronicles. How Gideon met Mary. To be considered as book 5 of the series, because book 4, Seduction in Black and White, which comes out in December, is kind of about Jesse's obsession with Gideon's past. Advent comes out January 27, 2008.

3. With Advent done, we were able to start book 6. It's called Chaos & Communion, and we're hoping to get a March release on that. Another full-length novel.

4. And finally, we have a new release today! Craving Kismet, which was the 2nd book we ever wrote together, came out today at Samhain Publishing.

Pepper blogged about it as a guest blogger on writer Annie Dean's site. There's an excerpt there that's not at Samhain, plus we're running a contest for everybody who comments on the blog. We're giving away 2 books, a copy of Craving and a copy of our other Samhain release, Liaisons in Jubilee. Head on over and take a look!
Tags: craving, master, writing

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