Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

You know, I'm trying to be better about updating on LJ, but you know what? My life is sooooooooo boring. The highlight of my day today so far has been finally finishing the scene where our Dominatrix has real sex with her sub in pepperlandgirl4's latest novella (called My Masked Mistress and coming out April 6, 2008, by the way). Seriously. *Nothing* is happening, except me slogging through edits on Mercy of These Bones (the vampires in Vegas 3some), writing with Pepper, doing laundry, and the school thing. One of our two back to school nights is tonight, but Craig's going this year, so I don't even get to go to that.

Maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow. Or I won't be too wrapped up in editing to think of something interesting to say. *sigh*
Tags: life, writing

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