Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So a few original writing notices...

1. I just had a novella come out in an anthology called Phaze Fantasies, vol. IV last week. The anthology includes 4 stories, including one by sadbhyl, all set in Grand Central Station. My entry is called "And Then There Were...":

What demon hunter Ryan Nixon thinks is a routine hunt in Grand Central Station turns into an orchestrated nightmare when the vampires turn the tables. Corralled with some of the best hunters in the world, Ryan comes face to face with the woman who saved his life a decade earlier. Tala Mamola is beautiful, deadly, and the object of his hero worship. Together, they must figure out a way to break the spell trapping them in the station, or together, they will die.

2. pepperlandgirl4 and I just had a gay erotic romance come out with Liquid Silver Books called Brindisi Bedfellows. There's an excerpt at LSB's site, as well as a different one on our site. On top of all that, we have a free story about our guys up on our site, too.

3. For those of you who were interested, Unveiled is now available in print.
Tags: bedfellows, unveiled, writing

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