Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Today's the last full day at my aunt's. Tomorrow, we go to Mt. Pleasant and spend the rest of our time in Michigan there for the final stuff with grandma. It's a little rough. There's been a lot of fighting amongst my aunts and uncle, and my sister and I just stand off to the side and watch. It's just such a stressful time for them, and everybody has different opinions. They keep trying to drag us into it, but my sister said it best. "We're just the grandchildren. This is your mother, and you four have to sort it out because we don't have any say in this." They certainly don't need even more opinions, that's for sure.

We escaped the house and some of the fighting by going to the drive-in last night and seeing Transformers. Fun! Mindless action, which was exactly what I needed. Then, I got home and checked my e-mail really quick to discover that my vampires in Vegas novel (m/m/f) I'd submitted to Liquid Silver Books was accepted for contract. So woo hoo!
Tags: life, movies, writing

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