Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The stomach is better, though my diaphragm is still really sore from all the vomiting. The sucky part is starting my period as I was getting better. Blech. But I still managed to get back to normal today, if a little slower. Went out to Target, Safeway, the oak store, and even managed to make dinner. Go me.

Plus, pepperlandgirl4 and I finished our newest submission for Amber Quill tonight and got that off. They had asked/encouraged submissions earlier in May because they had openings in July and August for het stories, so we decided to write something after we finished the Chasing Silver earlier this week. It's called Keeping Time, and is an older woman/younger man romance, heavy on the happy. It's not long, only 40k, but it's long enough to make it into print for AQP at least. I take that as compensation for sometimes scary covers, lol.

We're not doing anything this weekend except taking it easy. Craig doesn't go back to work until Wednesday, and I'm starting my spuffy_haven Art Before Fic challenge story tomorrow. Life is calm at the Harris House. Blessedly so.
Tags: life, writing

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