Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I did a really dumb thing yesterday. I walked to go pick up Alicia wearing shoes that I've had for nearly a year. So they're broken in. Except for some reason, yesterday, they decided to rub my heel the wrong way. So by the time I got to the school, the side of my heel was almost completely raw. Rather than make it worse on the walk home, I figured I'd just take them off. After all, I'm only 3 blocks from the school.

So I slipped them off and started walking home barefoot.

Except the sidewalks had warmed considerably during the day. And my first thought was, "Damn that's hot."

I only lasted a block and half before I decided it was better to put the shoes back on and just deal with the blisters.

Except when I got home, the balls of my feet were killing me. And when I checked, lo and behold, I'd managed to burn blister both of them. The blister on my right foot is nearly 2" long and is killing me. And I still have the side of that heel devoid of skin because it got rubbed raw anyway.

I threw the shoes away.

But I'm still pretty dumb.
Tags: life

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