Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Update on me:

1. pepperlandgirl4 is now at Oakland Airport, awaiting her flight home. We had a *very* productive week. In 8 days of writing, we did 73k, and we only have 6 chapters left, all plot and climax stuff. The book will easily be done by the middle of the next week, giving us another week to edit and plenty of time to meet our deadline of the end of the month. We even have a provisional title, Touching Silver. I say provisional, only because Juno changed our last title on us and I'm not holding my breath on anything any more, lol.

2. Pepper being gone means I have to catch up on all the house stuff I let slide while she was here, lol.

3. American Idol last night. Boggled.

4. America's Next Top Model last night. Called that one after the first two shoots.

5. We also watched Music and Lyrics last night. Charming, but for Hugh Grant and not the romance part of it. I never bought them as a couple. And the opening and closing videos had me in stitches. Next on the Netflix queue is Mrs. Brown. Craig and I have always wanted to see it, but just never got around to it. After the nihilism of The Machinist and romcom of M&L, a quiet period drama sounds delightful.

6. I'll be getting back to fic writing gradually over the next week. I'm writing my spuffy_haven fic before I get to Soul, though. My only problem is that katekat1010 offered up a banner of Giles and Faith at darker_spike that I adored the first time she posted it. Seeing it again makes me want to write something there. She is evil, I tell you. So so talented, but still evil.

7. Other than that...yeah, I got nothing. My life is so boring. :P
Tags: american idol, fic, life, model, writing

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