Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'm at the airport to leave for my week in Houston. I got lucky and found a wireless connection here when I didn't think I would, and there's wireless in my room, so I won't be completely cut off for the week at the convention. Things really start picking up for me on Thursday and then Friday is the luncheon for the RT Reviewers Choice nominees (my book, "Two Lives in Waltz Time," is a finalist in the Erotic Romance category) and hobnobbing at the Liquid Silver Books table. Saturday is the book fair and signing, and then I fly home very early on Monday morning. Busy week, but hopefully, things will be settling down when I get back. I'll be able to start updating Soul again after I return. Finally. Plus, I was crazy and signed up for spuffy_haven's Art Before Fic challenge, but I'm keeping myself to something shorter for that. Ha.
Tags: life, travel

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