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I have been playing catch-up ever since getting home Monday afternoon. I think I'm just about going to get caught up in time to leave again on Tuesday. Oy.

The con was amazing. Getting to see everybody was a treat as always, including being surprised when I saw soulmate815 in the autograph line and had no idea she was going to be there. I made some wonderful new friends, and got to fangirl over nautibitz. Nobody ever told me how gorgeous she is! And Love was adorable. I wish I'd had the chance to get to hang with them a bit more, but there were too many people and things to do over the weekend to make that possible.

James looked gorgeous and was as charming as ever. My camera batteries had died while we were at one of the amusement parks earlier in the week, but oanimation had the seat next to me (except when she snuck to the front, the cheeky monkey!) and took lots of gorgeous pictures. She's got some of them uploaded here. Go and drool. :)

I don't remember much of the first Q&A except thinking, why are people asking some of these questions? One thing that sticks out most definitely, though, was someone asked James if he thought Buffy and Spike could have ever been together after everything. James said yes. The boy has learned how many of us are Spuffies, lol. But afterward I went up and got my autograph with him, and thanked him profusely for coming to my neck of the woods this summer because now it means I get to see all my friends who will flock in to see him, lol. Pictures were more of the same, and I don't have mine scanned in yet. Because I suck. :P

The concert was solid for James. He had a guy there named Steven Patt (sp?) playing guitar with him, which really helped in some of the songs. He was supposed to give a running commentary on how the songs came about, but let me tell you, the man writes too many songs to apologize to his girlfriends, lol.

Because I didn't remember much of the previous Q&A, I actually took notes on Sunday's. I'm going to write those up and get them up later today or tomorrow.

About AI, all I have to say, it's about damn time. Thank god we won't be tortured any more with Sanjaya. Though I was a tad peeved to see Lakisha and Blake in the bottom 3. I want to see Chris and Phil go before either of those two.

I came to a realization this past weekend which shouldn't have been a realization if I'd been thinking about it. I'm addicted to writing. I literally can't stop. Even when I was on vacation, I was using Craig's blackberry while we were queueing up to e-mail writing snippets back and forth with pepperlandgirl4 (which paid off, by the way, we finished a 55k gay romance about two Brits on holiday in Italy in 11 days). Because I gave myself permission to take April off from fanfic (but no fears, I'll be back with Soul updates in May, as well as my contribution to spuffy_haven's art before fic challenge), I've been getting caught up on other commitments. I should finish my contribution to an anthology for Phaze either today or tomorrow. After that, it's my vampire 3some book in Vegas, a shapeshifter romance for Linden Bay for a Halloween release, and then a book for the brand new urban fantasy line at Liquid Silver called Terran Realm. Hee. The way I worded that makes it sound like I'm planning to have all this done by May. I'm not. I think that will take me up through the summer on my original writing. Solo, that is. pepperlandgirl4 and I have a whole slew of commitments in that interim as well, including the Chasing Silver sequel we're writing in May, a cowboy novella, the sequel to Unclose Me, and Mosaic Moon (the third in our bdsm series).

It's a good thing I have a spreadsheet for all that, huh, lol?

Other than that, I've been playing catch-up here at home. I didn't check any e-mail for LLGA and WFA while I was gone, and had a whole mess of nominations to get coded for both. There's laundry and shopping and cleaning, as well as preparing for my trip next week. And the birthday party I have to take Alicia tomorrow. And softball. And tball. And the fact that Craig is incapable of doing anything with the mail or bills, so I have to get that all caught up before I go, too.
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