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Master of Obsidian cover

I've been living in dread of getting the cover art for pepperlandgirl4's and my book, Master of Obsidian. The artwork at Amber Quill is hit or miss, frankly, and he puts naked man chest on every cover. Some of them are truly awful.

Well, we got our cover this morning,'s a lot better than I had hoped for:

Jesse Madding has been working for Gideon Keel, a vampire fighting to maintain the balance between good and evil, for two years, and has loved him for nearly that long. When Gideon slams him against an alley wall and demands sex, Jesse is too happy to oblige, but it opens doors in their relationship that Gideon isn't sure he wants to enter. Especially since he suspects he was under the powerful influence of an unknown substance, and Jesse is his best friend.

As they try to negotiate a new relationship involving Jesse’s willing submission to Gideon’s darker desires—including bondage, pain, and bloodplay—they learn that a new drug is being distributed in the city. Known simply as obsidian, this drug unleashes a vampire's demon, destroying any sense of self-control. Widespread use of obsidian could bring chaos to Chicago and turn the city into a bloodbath, but even as Jesse and Gideon race to contain it, they're consumed and distracted by their own growing passion and burgeoning emotions.

Jesse's not exactly blond in the book, but that's our own fault for not being clear enough on the art survey. And yes, it's a gay vampire BDSM book. But it's also the first in a series we're doing for them. It comes out on May 1. They have the second book, Unveiled, that we're aiming at an August 1 release for, and the third book, Mosaic Moon, is 5 chapters away from being done. There's 3 more books and at least 1 novella to come afterward.

Hopefully, all the covers will be this hot. :)
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