Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Have I squee'd about my guitar lessons lately? Probably not. Life has been too crazy. Plus, I missed a lot of lessons lately because of traveling and being sick.

But I'm back on schedule, for at least one more week, lol. For this week, I had Love Me Tender to learn. 4 new chords (for 9 total), but slow enough for me to get back into the groove. And except for one chord change - C to Cm which was totally messing me up, and I told him it was when I walked in - I rocked it. I rocked it so much, Scott realized we had to pick out another song for me to practice on for next week, because as soon as I got that C/Cm change down, I was going to be bored with this. So for next week, I have House of the Rising Sun to play. Only 5 chords in it, but at least 1 that I suck at (F), and a slightly different way of strumming.

Hee. I always leave my guitar lessons flying. :)
Tags: guitar

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