Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

pepperlandgirl4 and I have zero patience. We have a plan, really. We finished Unveiled on Saturday and then spent Sunday morning talking about and planning our sequel to Unclose Me. It took way less time than we anticipated, so we opted to finish a smut scene that was niggling at us for the third book in the Obsidian series.

The only problem was...when we were done with it, we were both absolutely consumed with the desire to work on it properly. But I'd instigated this schedule on us: Unhandle Me, edits on Trinity Broken, the Brava novella about reunited lovers we're going to write, and then Mosaic Moon. Within 10 minutes of waffling, I'd knocked the Brava novella further down (because it's not actually due until August), bargained down on the Trinity edits, and then pepperlandgirl4 capped it all off by reminding me that we don't even have a release date for Unclose Me yet.

So I caved. And we started Mosaic Moon last night. And we already have 7k.

Tags: writing

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