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My life as I know it...for now...

So, Craig's gone. He left yesterday morning. And I'm slowly getting back into the routine of my life. It's taking a little bit longer than normal, partially because my husband seems to have a phobia about opening mail. Would you believe it, but the man didn't do *anything* with a week's worth of mail except pile it on the kitchen table? And not even in a single pile. There were 3 or 4 of them I had to consolidate. When everything was all together, it was over 7" high. He didn't go thought *anything* - didn't throw out weekly flyers, didn't throw out obvious junk mail, didn't even pull mail that wasn't addressed to us. When I asked him why, he claimed that he didn't want to make me angry by inadvertently throwing away something I would want. Like I'm even going to know if he does that, lol. There were also feeble protestations about not wanting to disrupt my "system" but you know what? I'm okay with disruptions when it means I don't come home to *literally* four hours of work sorting, filing, paying bills, rerouting, and trashing. Seriously.

Thursdays are killer for me. Both kids have started softball and t-ball. It's probably safe to say neither will be going to college on baseball scholarships, lol. Alicia has improved a lot since last year, but her batting is still really weak, and Alex, well...Alex likes to throw, he likes to bat, he likes to goof off with the other boys, but he *hates* to run. He is literally the slowest boy on the team. This is going to be an interesting year. But Thursdays in particular are bad because they both have practice in the late afternoon with slightly overlapping schedules. And I know this is only the beginning. *sigh*

Other than that...writing is going well. I committed to writing a book for a Halloween release for Linden Bay while I was in Virginia Beach. The bunny I have for that one is about a shapeshifter who is being used as an assassin who wants to break free of the control, and the brainy computer tech who helps him do it. pepperlandgirl4 and I are 3 1/2 chapters away from finishing the sequel to "Master of Obsidian." It was originally called "Chiaroscuro" but when we reshuffled the plot to accommodate the characters, we realized it didn't completely fit any more, so now it's called, "Unveiled." Well, technically, it's "Chronicles of the Unleashed, Book 2: Unveiled", but that's a tad unwieldy, lol. We've finished the edits on "Master of Obsidian", too, so that should be good to go for the May 1 release we were told. And we're all done with "Unclose Me" and simply waiting for a release date on that one.

I've just started a shorter story for an anthology for Phaze that's going to come out this summer. I'm doing it with sadbhyl and 2 other writers, and we're all themed around Grand Central Station in some way. Surprise, surprise, mine involves vampires. Well. Vampire hunters. But this is likely to be my last story with Phaze. While I have great respect for the editor, the company is taking new directions that don't fit with what I want to accomplish. If I could find a way to get out of this one, I would, but I'm already committed. So I've put a hold on my menage story so that I can just get this one done. It only has to be 15-20k, so I figure I can finish that before Craig gets home, and then I can go back to the one I really want to write, lol.

Have I mentioned I have too many plot bunnies? lol

Oh, and before I forget, the galleys are being done for my e-book, "Under a Rogue Moon," as we speak. So those of you who might be interested in a print copy should have their wishes granted some time in the next couple months. Woo hoo!
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