Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

New release

Woo hoo!

Price of a Tattooed Soul, my new book with Liquid Silver, was released today.

Lydia Nicholls lives an ordinary life. She works, she has the occasional date, she struggles with her weight. Only one thing sets her life apart from others--the anonymous music boxes she receives every year on her birthday.

When she turns thirty, everything changes. This box comes with a name. As soon as Lydia utters it out aloud, she disappears from her ordinary LA life and wakes up in the care of the man responsible for the annual gifts. The only catch is…she’s in Montana. In 1894. With a man who has magic at his fingertips.

It takes little time for her to grow comfortable with her temporary host, but in spite of his gentle nature, Del Wessner is a man with a past he’s determined to shield Lydia from. Together, they’ll weather mysterious attacks on his home, not-so-mysterious attacks on his Kootenai friends, and the fact that in less than a month, Lydia will return to Los Angeles and her own time. Alone.

I love this book. I really do. It's probably one of the more romantic things I've ever written, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I hope. But I adore Del, and it's completely sadbhyl's fault that I expanded the short story I wrote for him last August into this full-length novel. Plus, look at the pretty tattoo! How can anybody go wrong with that? ;)
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