Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Gina – Good song choice for her. I still like her. A lot.

Alaina – The song was too big for her, though I thought she was better this week than last. However, considering I thought she sucked last week, that’s not a hard thing to do, lol.

Lakisha – Solid, solid, solid. And look! She has legs. Not as powerhouse as last week, but still wonderful.

Melinda – I’m partial to the song, but even outside of that, she was spectacular. Finals can be her and Lakisha, I’ll be very happy.

Antonella – They told her last week that her song was too big for her and then she goes and picks Celine Dion?!? Does this girl even have a brain? Girl needs to go home. Yesterday.

Jordin – I still love her. She was a little off in places, but she nailed far more than she didn’t. She’s not going anywhere.

Stephanie – I didn’t like her as much as last week, but she can sing. I’ll give her that. And on a purely superficial note, her dress was absolutely gorgeous.

Leslie – Why did she sing a song one of the boys sang? That just seems…not so smart to me. Do they know what others are doing? And I didn’t really like it that much, either.

Haley – I liked it better than last week, but I hate this song. Hate it. Still. Others were worse.

Sabrina – Girl can sing. I really like her. I think I like her better bouncier, but she’s a solid performer. Very well-rounded. And pretty. Hip. She’ll do well.

Favorites: Melinda and Lakisha
Who I Want to Go: The same two I wanted to go last week, Alaina and Antonella. They're just out of their league here. How anybody could be voting for them is beyond me.
Tags: american idol

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