Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Phil – Really liked him, actually. I’m not keen on his song selection and kept waiting for it to pop, but he was solid. Keep.

Jared – Bo-ring. So not Marvin Gaye. Still pretty, though.

AJ – He annoys me, and I don’t like that he annoys me. Because he seems like a nice guy, but he’s so damn smiley all the time that I just want to slap him. The performance was better than last week, though.

Sanjaya – I thought the hat was dorky, totally didn’t work for me. Neither did the performance. He doesn’t have the skill or personality to pull off something like this.

Chris Sligh – Holy hell! Who knew his wife was such a hottie? Totally didn’t see that coming. I wasn’t as thrilled by his performance tonight, though. He seemed a little mumble-y to me. And a little too vibrato, which I would normally attribute to nerves but I don’t imagine him getting nervous.

Nick – Another one was so damn boring. And not nearly as pretty as Jared.

Blake – Another hat that annoyed me, lol. I didn’t really like the song he sung, but I agree with what they said about him. He’s hugely commercial and original.

Brandon – Um. Cyndi Lauper? Totally didn’t work for me.

Chris Richardson – Another one who blends for me. I completely don’t see what the judges see in him.

Sundance – Sooooo much better than last week.

Favorites: Sundance and Phil
Who I Want to Go: Nick and Sanjaya. Except I think Sanjaya is totally safe because he appeals to a specific demographic.
Tags: american idol

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