Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Yesterday was my fully productive day in nearly 2 weeks. I got into a cleaning frenzy during the day while I was writing some smut with Pepper to cheer her up, and my living room hasn't been this spotless in ages, lol. Craig even walked in and asked if I was feeling all right when he saw the room because I only clean like this when I'm upset. Today, I think I'm tackling the kitchen. My life is so exciting, isn't it? ;)

Pepper's news didn't give her any answers regarding her pain, so now she's back in a waiting game. I hate feeling this helpless; I don't deal with it well. And I end up capitulating on my resolve to be good about our writing schedule to try and make her feel better. I suppose the good side of that is that we'll have another book done soon. Well, not soon. A few weeks. We're at 20k on the new book. At the rate we're going, it won't be done until after I return from Virginia in 2 weeks. Which most people would think is quick but compared to our pace recently is downright snail-like, lol.

American Idol tonight. Except it's the guys. Boring. The only ones I'm looking forward to seeing are Chris Sligh and Blake.
Tags: american idol, life, writing

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