Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Monday. A new week, a new start. Maybe I won't feel like I'm drowning this week, though I'm not sure.

My Monday list of randomness:

1. Got 15/24 last night in the Oscars. Got surprised by Alan Arkin's win (though excited, LOVE him), but picked the winners in the other major categories. Helen Mirren was hands down the best dressed woman of the night; she looked absolutely wonderful. And Forest Whitaker made me cry, and reminded me why I've always been such a fan of his. And Ellen's bits worked for me. And how much do I love living in CA so that the awards are over for me at 9pm, lol?

2. pepperlandgirl4 is at the hospital this morning getting sedated for a test to determine whether her health issues have been an ulcer. I'm worried as all heck about her, because I know how worried she is about things, so please think good thoughts that the test determines it's an ulcer that can be treated and not something else they have to determine.

3. There's a reviewer at ffnet who keeps wanting me to put B/A in A Soul to Seduce and it's starting to annoy me. He's an Angel fan and writes these huge long missives about how Angel needs to step up to the plate, and more Angel, and where's Connor,'s annoying. I love feedback, honest, but there's a line that gets crossed sometimes.

4. I was getting stressed about our newest writing project this weekend, the sequel to Master of Obsidian. The book was getting bigger and bigger, and the girl we've added really got to me, and the fear that we weren't going to be able to integrate her into the pair already established was upsetting me. I know, I'm silly. She's just a character. But honestly, I was to the point where if she wasn't going to get the love I thought she deserved from one of the guys, I didn't want to write her at all. And Pepper saved the idea with a new suggestion that we split this book up into 2. Which completely made sense even if it means it'll take longer to get the stories done. But she convinced me it's the step we need to give Jesse and Gideon time to want/need Emma in their lives like I want. So now we have 4 sequels to Master planned, 3 of them titled. This one is remaining Chiaroscuro, but the third is going to be Shards of Illusion, and A Renaissance in Blood will be 4th. For now, lol.

5. Alex starts t-ball this week. Which means Alicia starts softball soon. And I leave next week for Virginia. And then Craig goes to India again. I don't suppose I can fastforward over the next few months? I'm tired thinking of all the traveling already.
Tags: fic, friends, life, oscars, writing

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