Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I've been in a weird headspace all day. I'm feeling very...disconnected from everything. Which means I eat. Which annoys me even more because I know I shouldn't be snacking but I do it anyway. I have the self-control of a gnat apparently.

On the plus side, I finished the edits on "Unclose Me" for Liquid Silver today. Painless compared to my last set of edits. It makes for a nice change, though it didn't do anything to teach Pepper and I how to handle the editing process for our collaborative work. There wasn't anything for us to discuss, and Pepper trusted me to go through and tweak as I saw fit.

But I'm finding it hard to get motivated to do anything. I'm feeling not as sick, though I got really tired this afternoon. But Pepper wanted to finish this hardcore smut scene for Chiaroscuro and I begged off. I think I'm overloaded on smut right now. And I've had chapter 18 of Soul open on my machine all day, and have done absolutely nada. I'm just in a blah kind of place. I wish I knew why.
Tags: life, writing

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