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American Idols, the girls

So, my thoughts on the second half of the semi's last night...

Now *this* is where the competition will take place. If a guy places in the top four, I'll be very surprised. They just don't have the singing chops as most of the girls. As for individually...

- Lakisha. The only performer in 2 nights to give me goosebumps. Simon said it best. She's in a different class than all the rest. She's got a powerhouse voice, and she's a *lady*. You can see that in her interviews. She made me cry in the audition process, and if she's not in the top 2, I'll be very upset.

- Melinda. The other powerhouse lady. She was my favorite until Lakisha hit that first note, lol.

- Jordin. It boggles my mind that she's only 17. Love her.

- Gina. She's my alternative pick. I think she's hit or miss sometimes on the vocals, and maybe she didn't nail her song quite as well as a couple others, but I really like her.

- Sabrina/Stephanie. Both excellent. Polished. Eclipsed every single one of the guys.

All the other girls can go home as far as I care, lol. I really don't like Antonella Barba, and haven't since she first auditioned. And the rest of them were just kind of...boring. Interchangeable. Kind of like the bulk of the guys.

Who do I think will go home tonight? No clue. I really don't care who goes home for the guys, as long as it's not Blake, Chris Sligh, or Phil. As for the girls, I *want* Antonella and Alaina gone. They're the weakest for me. Whether America thinks so, however, is another matter.
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