Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Thanks for the well wishes, everybody. My fever is coming and going, currently on a going phase, and hopefully I won't sleep tonight with fever dreams. Those blow.

It would seem that having a fever just makes it harder for me to say no to pepperlandgirl4, lol. Almost 2 weeks ago, we were writing a sex scene for our new book, when I made a random comment that I was in the mood to write some dom pounding his pretty little sub. Well, we wrote it. And it kind of exploded. Especially when I discovered that she and I share a few dark kinks, lol.

Well. 12 days later, we have a 66k vampire book called "Master of Obsidian." It's a first for me, in a lot of ways.

1. It's my first full-length slash story.
2. It's my first hardcore BDSM story.
3. It's the fastest book we've ever done.

So this weekend, we're editing and polishing, and then next week, it's off to Amber Quill Press, who are already excited about it. PLUS, we have at least 2, if not 3, sequels planned (and titled, how scary is that). There's more hardcore BDSM slash, there's threesome sex, there's het BDSM, and there's even plot. Really good plot, if I do say so. So expect to hear more about "Chiaroscuro" and "A Renaissance in Blood", as well as "Master of Obsidian." Unless they make us change those titles, too. (Our original title for this one was "Obsidian Unleashed," but they have another title in their catalog that they would make things confusing for the consumer and asked us to consider changing ours.)
Tags: writing

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