Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Watch my head start spinning

I'm possessed, that's all there is to it. In Vegas, pepperlandgirl4 and I wanted to write one night, and we spent the next four hours writing off my statement, "Let's write a reunion scene." The next day, she messaged me when she got home, and I casually mentioned that I had figured out how we could use the scene we'd done for a longer story. We brainstormed for a little bit and decided to make it our next long project, so when I got home, she and I spent a week writing exercises to help us learn our characters. And we started writing on Thursday night, the 25th.

As of last night, in 8 days of writing, we've done 60,000 words.

I'm telling you, this story is eating us up. It's rough, and the hurt/comfort aspect of it still has me secondguessing (because I just don't write hurt/comfort, nor do I read it generally speaking), but...we have 60k of a book. In a week. That's a record for us. We'd have even more if she didn't have school, and honestly, I fully expect to be done with it by this time next week. It'll need to be edited then, but that process is a lot easier. And then it's going off to Tor's Paranormal Romance editor with fingers and toes crossed.

Oh, and we got another acceptance. Our novella, "Unclose Me," was accepted by Liquid Silver Books for publication. We're probably going to make that one into a series of novellas, to show how a marriage can still be romantic and sexy. We just might not write the really angsty one next like we'd originally planned. I'm not so sure I'm up to that right now. ;)
Tags: trinity, unclose, writing

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