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The random stuff of my life

So a week in Vegas didn't screw up my diet too much. As of this morning, I am officially where I was before I left, so yay. :) And things are back on track now, foodwise, so I imagine smaller numbers in the weeks to come. At least until my next trip in March. ;)

Craig is leaving for India today. I have to take him to the airport in 2 hours. He'll be gone for 9 days but I've got a lot to do this week, so hopefully the time will fly.

So...I've started edits on my latest book at LSB. And it's proving a bear. Would people be upset if there wasn't a Soul update on Wednesday this week?

Oh! pepperlandgirl4 and I got the preliminary cover art for our book that's going straight to print next fall. The editor has posted it on her blog. The artist captured Remy *perfectly*. Pepper and I understand better now why our hero is so distracted by her, lol. It's also getting that urban street feel that we've got in the book. We're really, really pleased. :)
Tags: craig, diet, fic, writing

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