Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Home again

Home again. Didn't get on at the airport because though the internet was free, it was too slow for pages to load. So hopefully I'll get around to answering comments today. I shall be resuming my schedule today - well, my modified schedule because I don't really have one with the inlaws here. Thankfully, they were here to take the kids in to school and pre-k today. I've been sleeping in until 8 most mornings while we were on vacation, and when we didn't even go to bed until nearly 2 last night, I had to struggle to get out of bed at 8:15 to say good bye to the kids so they had visual proof I was home. Oh, and dreams of Steve Carlson didn't help the urge to wake up. If I didn't know that I probably wouldn't recapture them, I'd go back to bed.

It's a good thing we got our vacation when we did. Craig has to go to India on Sunday for 10 days. We found out yesterday over lunch. In fact, all he did yesterday was work, so it doesn't even count off his vacation time.

I have *so* much to do today. Now if I could only wake up to do them...
Tags: las vegas, life

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