Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Heading home

Well, Craig and I are heading home today. This vacation has been *so* therapeutic for me. Tons of time to relax, not think about mundane stuff, write, experience new things. I flew in a helicopter for the first time, taking the tour out to the Grand Canyon and was astounded at how much fun it was. Last night, we finally got to see Toni Braxton, and Craig got a fanboy moment and a photo when Toni sat on his lap during one of the songs. I got to fangirl for a few moments over Penn. We saw movies galore (including Dreamgirls, which, while flawed, proved Jennifer Hudson deserved her Golden Globe the other night). I got to see wonderful internet friends, and meet _sharvie_'s gorgeous husband for the first time. And I'm dying to see my kids again. That's a good sign. :)

Writing-wise, I managed to get another chapter of Soul written, a novella that pepperlandgirl4 and I edited and submitted to Liquid Silver, a chapter on my vampire 3some book done, and pepperlandgirl4 and I got bit by a new, very rabid bunny that we're going to start writing on Friday. Not too bad considering I'm supposed to be on vacation.

The airport has wireless internet access so I'm going to get on there and finally respond to all the comments from the last chapter. If for some reason I can't, that's likely to happen tomorrow instead. We don't fly for another 7.5 hours, but we're staying in the hotel until as close to checkout as we can to get stuff done. Which means now I have to go pack. :)
Tags: fic, las vegas, writing

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