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I'm exhausted, and only just now getting back to my hotel at 11:30 from being out (walking!) all day (my hip is KILLING me), but I just have to squee about this, because I'm a silly fangirl...

Craig and I went to see Penn & Teller tonight. This was one thing I *really* wanted to do. I've wanted to see their show for *years*. And it was great. Everything I could have wanted. We walked out of the theater, ready to catch the shuttle home, and...

They're in the lobby, talking and signing and taking pictures with all the patrons.

I got to touch and talk to Penn!!!!!

No picture, unfortunately, because we didn't bring our camera and Craig didn't have enough charge on his phone to use that, but I got a little hug, and he signed my ticket, and when I told him my friend Haley was so so SO jealous of me right then, he laughed and said, "Good." And he's so funny and charming and can you tell I've had a fangirl crush on him for years? I think he's absolutely brilliant.


It was an amazing end to a fantastic day. But I'm exhausted and my painkillers are finally kicking in so I can go to sleep. I'll post about the rest of today tomorrow morning.
Tags: las vegas

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