Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Rolling along

Tomorrow is Leaving for Las Vegas Day! Woo hoo! So today, Craig is taking his parents into the city for their last escape before we abandon them. It's supposed to be another one like yesterday - 65-70 and beautiful clear skies - so it seems silly not to take advantage of it. I'm going to do wonderfully mundane stuff like grocery shopping, laundry, and my guitar lesson, but I'm actually really thrilled about it. The visit with my inlaws has been going remarkably well so far, but the one thing that drives me the craziest is that I have absolutely zero schedule of my own. I pretty much have to abandon 90% of the way I do stuff because either a) they've done it already, or b) I just can't do it in front of them. Like practicing on my guitar. I'm hugely private about it. I'm okay practicing in front of the kids and Craig, but not anybody else, so my practicing has taken a huge hit with extra people in the house.

Oh, but yesterday, scarlettgirl posted on the homekeeping community about the Seven Things Giveaway, where, in the spirit of clearing out your clutter, you get rid of 7 items a week. I'm doing this. As soon as I get back from Las Vegas. I have a feeling Craig's List is going to be my new best friend.
Tags: guitar, life

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