Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A very productive day

pepperlandgirl4 and I wrote 11k yesterday on our story, including some hot Chinese food sex. It won't get done today, but we should get another third through the story at least, and then be able to finish it up on Monday. She has the nerve to disappear on me this weekend to spend time with her husband. *sniff* Of course, I leave for Vegas on Wednesday and I've abandoned her in the past, too, but still...

Other than that, a lazy day yesterday. I got caught up on nearly a month's worth of General Hospital on the Tivo. Today is catching up with as much All My Children. AMC should go much faster because I don't really care about most of these characters and am fast-forwarding through most of it. (Though it still amuses the hell out of me that Kendall - the character SMG played when she was on the show - has a baby son named Spike, lol.)
Tags: soaps, writing

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