Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Is that what you call it?

So we spent last night in San Francisco. Craig and I bought tickets for the new show at the Teatro Zinzanni and took his parents with us as part of their Christmas gift. It was a huge hit with them, and an absolutely wonderful night all around. Going to the Teatro just puts me into the mood to write, and I was reminded of the sequel idea I had for Chains of Jericho while we were there. I have to remember to write down my notes for it this afternoon; I don't want to lose it again as a possible story to work on later.

The one thing about the night is that I spent most of it completely obsessed with a new title. Does this happen to anybody else? Do you come up with a title first and then write a story around it? I've done this a couple of times. Rhapsody in Oil started that way, as did Beg the Liquid Red, among others. Sometimes, a specific word picks and picks at me until I find a way to incorporate it into a title; I've scribbled down a whole list of them that I have to work in, lol. That's how this new title came around, which will make pepperlandgirl4 happy, I think. I got stuck on this word when we were trying to name Craving Kismet last summer, and then started throwing it around again for a short story we're working on for an anthology. Now that the word has a new title home, I can let it go, lol.

But honestly, is this just me? Or do others work like this? Do you find inspiration in a title, or get stuck on a word until a story comes from that?
Tags: life, writing
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