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Even though I should be writing...

...or even ironing. Oh well. I did this online palm reading thing anyway, as gakked from merkuria_lyn...

Your Life Line reveals that you like to travel, but will always return home. You need a lot of space which is why you prefer spending time outdoors. You tend to have strong romantic tendencies.

Your Head Line reveals that you are self confident, optimistic and capable of making your own decisions. You are not afraid to speak your mind.

Your Heart Line reveals that you have a masculine nature and are easily aroused by your own desires. You are able to maintain a good balance between the physical and emotional sides that accounts for your warm and generous disposition.

Your Fate Line reveals that you felt a lack on independance in the early part of your life and are less certain about your career plans. Your career start is more restricted and not utilizing your full potential. Throughout your life, you will maintain a strong connection to your family.

Your Sun Line reveals that a love affair or marriage will have a very positive influence on your career. Due to this, you will achieve happiness and material success later in life.

You have an Earth hand. You are a person who is stable, honest, just loyal and cautious. Your optimal career choices are to work as an athlete, artist, musician and laborer.

The the site where you can go do it yourself...

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