Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Happy Holidays!!!!!

First and foremost, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone on my flist! So many of you have touched my life in such special ways. You can't even imagine how grateful I am to have the privilege of knowing you. You inspire me to be a better person, touch me with your generosity of spirit, and teach me on a daily basis what it means to see the world with fresh and hopeful eyes. Because there are such incredible people in it. All of you. :)

We're past our Christmas breakfast and present wrapping, and I'm taking a brief break to write a few hundred words and check on e-mail before I go shower. The kids are at work on some of the puzzles and games they got, and later we're going to play the Atari retro game that they got for the xbox. Thank you to arymetore and witchcat07 for the book of music, to hico for my virtual prezzie, and to hollydb and josephine_64 for the lovely e-cards! I got a gorgeous red leather bag for my new laptop, Michaels gift cards so that I can go buy some paint to do some painting (the bug has struck me again), and no Christmas would be completely without a spot of Buffy, so my wonderful inlaws brought back a Spike binder from England for me. All in all, it's been a wonderful holiday so far. I've got the vegetables cut and ready for cooking, the beef tenderloin will go into the oven around noon, and dinner will be around 2.

Which means now I need to go and shower so that I can come back and get some more writing done. I'll get around to answering comments today, and if pepperlandgirl4, hopefully we'll get around to writing the next chapter of our Spuffy Christmas fic for everyone.

Tags: christmas, thanks

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