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Can I breathe yet?

The past few days have been crazy. We watched our friends kids last night while they and Craig went to his work's Christmas party. 6 kids. Luckily, they're great kids, but still, it's a production. Add to that all the work pepperlandgirl4 and I have been doing, as well as trying to keep my regular life running and LLGA nominations ending yesterday, and I'm just trying to take a breath. Craig's taking the kids and his parents Christmas shopping today, from which I am officially banned, so this morning should be a little slower, at least. But tonight is dinner at our neighbors house, and socializing always makes me tense.

I owe tremendous thank yous to psubrat and arymetore for the wonderful Christmas gifts! One is under the tree waiting to be opened on the 25th, and the Boston Legal DVD's are getting viewed today while I introduce Pepper to them. Thank you for thinking of me!!!

This year's EPPIE finalists have come and gone, and unfortunately, neither of my books made it. Oh well. Yesterday was a crazy day waiting for the list to be announced, but all it's done for me is make me want to write more, lol. Hopefully I'll get some of my 3some done today in between other stuff.

But I'm alive, and I'm going as fast as I can to keep up. No time to slide for this girl. :)

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